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Why Brokers Need 
Sales Enablement:

Hello, I'm Alan Davidson, CEO of SalesCapture. I have been working in the Broker Benefits space for many years. I have found the sales principles detailed below differentiate brokers in the local market and drive new account growth. I look forward to showing you how to implement these principles as the foundation of your sales efforts.

Sales Principles for Benefit Brokers

Deep Database: 


  • Brokers need a solid understanding of who their market really is. 

  • Many brokers depend solely on relationships to develop business. 

  • Understanding who the real targets are in your market is fundamental/essential to enabling salespeople to direct h their sales activities toward the right people. 

  • Have the right people at your fingertips. 

Compelling Messaging: 

  • Brokers package or bundle value for their clients in order to win their business. 

  • Benefit packages must deliver a balance of services at a cost the company can manage.

  • Building a combination of effective services is key to presenting a compelling solution resulting in trust and credibility for the broker.

  • All brokers do not come across the same.

  • How a brokerage positions its message can be a significant differentiator, separating your firm from the other competitors. 

  • Differentiated messages that offer real value open doors to new business. 

  • Credibility accrues to the Broker that can present a compelling benefits package based on core cost savings and service configuration that adds value to employer groups. 

  • Employers need a combination of benefits that delivers all they need at a price they can manage.

  • Cost savings combined with excellent service is the best/compelling message that employers need to hear. 

  • Clients will trust you when you tell them why the benefits configuration is best and why and how it delivers the promised cost savings. 

  • Other brokers are not doing this. They are putting together quotes and selling the same programs that they always have. The “Why” of the benefits service and cost savings is lost. 

  • A credible message that suggests a great service + cost savings will differentiate your brokerage, open doors to employers, and pry them away from your competition. 

Automate Sales Processes: 

  • Brokers focus on their network of connections to sell, resell, and find new prospects. Its the tried and true method of business service sales. 

  • But a brokerage’s sales process must transcend the network reach of your individual brokers, salespeople, and producers. 

  • Delivering messages and invitations to hear your credible, compelling story will open new doors and uncover opportunities.

  • Your messaging outreach to your target market needs to be tactful, precise, helpful, respectful, consistent, measured, and automated.   

  • Salespeople and entire sales teams don’t typically do this: They don’t have time, the tools, or the specific messaging to keep this kind of outreach happening. 

  • Consistent, relevant, compelling messaging always produces positive results from your target market. Because they really are your market. They have needs and they need to know about the value that your brokerage can offer them. 

  • Your sales process, your outreach process, needs to follow principles that break through the noise and creates connections for your sales team. 


We are excited to work with ONE broker in a given local, metro market. Contact us to be our sole focus to help you dominate your local market. 


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